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GrandEst Ltd was established by a private entity as a real-estate sales and investment consulting company that performs more than 15 years its activities with experience and a database based on wide domestic and international relations.


Our main spheres of activity include the following:


Sales of real-estate for the purpose of investments:

  • Rented office buildings and commercial facilities
  • Rented logistical centres, warehouses
  • Independent residential and office buildings
  • Hotels


Sales of real-estate for development:

  • Buildings suitable for the establishment of company headquarters and main offices
  • Plots suitable for beginning green-field development projects  (specialist warehouses, industrial and commercial premises)
  • Hotel developments
  • Territories suitable for the construction of residential parks and buildings



Zsuzsanna Mátrai
Managing director


Our services:


free registration in the databank


individual needs assessment, acquiring the right property on the right location


search of the  appropriate developers and financing companies according to your requirements


business negotiations in English and German


providing legal representation at the conclusion of the contract and the establishment of companies against extra fee if needed


continuous co-operation with partner offices in order to provide a wide variety of optimal offers.


GrandEst Ingatlanforgalmazási és Befektetési Tanácsadó Kft.

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